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UNESCO, Library of Congress and Partners Launch World Digital Library
“E-teacher website”Teacher Information Literacy Seminar
Participation in the 6th International Conference on Chinese Internet Education ICICE 2009 welcome
The CICAF Cartoon & Animation Summit Forum
Licensing International Expo 2009
Digital Gallery
Gentiana scabrida Hayata var. punctulata Ying (GENTIANACEAE)
Apricot Trees Sprinkled With Dew
The Chinese Language Environment in Europe
“Riding the Currents of History” touring special exhibition opens smoothly in Taidong
2008 TELDAP division project joint results exhibition
The Naxi People’s Romeo & Juliet —Introduction of the Naxi People’s Scripture— “Migration of Youth” (II)
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Participation in the 6th International Conference on Chinese Internet Education ICICE 2009 welcome
Compatriot Affairs Commission International Conference on Chinese Internet Education Secretariat ICICE 2009/Chan Xiao-yi

   As Chinese language learning become popular all over the world and network IT develops rapidly, the application of e-learning in Chinese learning has gradually become the focus of attention and a source of high expectation. To allow the application of the most advanced PC software and digital network technology in e-learning, promote Taiwan’s high quality Chinese e-learning and allow Overseas Chinese education work to move with the times, the Compatriot Affairs Commission, together with academic institutions and industry, organized the first ICICE, which was held in May 1999. This year’s  ICICE is the sixth year for the conference. To date, over 2500 Chinese language scholars and experts, teachers involved in practical  e-learning in various levels of school and personnel from the e-learning industry and from various related government bodies in Taiwan and overseas have participated. The enthusiastic response from related circles makes the conference one of the biggest Chinese language e-leaning conferences held anywhere. The objectives of this year’s 6th  ICICE:

1.    Provide a forum for announcing the results of Chinese language e-learning research in Taiwan and overseas.

2.    Promote the vibrant development of the Chinese e-learning industry.

3.    Establish a clear "Huayu World” global brand.

4.    Make Taiwan a hub for the promotion of Chinese culture and a world Chinese language center.

Organizing body: Compatriot Affairs Commission
Conference date: June 19 (Friday)-21 (Sunday), 2009
Howard International House, Taipei Civil Service Development Institute
Address: No. 30, Section 3, Xinsheng South Road, Da-an District, Taipei City.

 Registration period: On-line registration opened on January 23. People registering before March 31 will enjoy the first wave of benefits.
For more details go to:

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