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The Chinese Language Environment in Europe
“Riding the Currents of History” touring special exhibition opens smoothly in Taidong
2008 TELDAP division project joint results exhibition
The Naxi People’s Romeo & Juliet —Introduction of the Naxi People’s Scripture— “Migration of Youth” (II)
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2008 TELDAP division project joint results exhibition
TELDAP Branch Office/Lai Ya-hua
“Brave venture onto Cyber island” Exploration ship

   Intended to promote the development of the digital archives and e-learning industry, the TELDAP division project  joint results exhibition was held during the Taipei International Book Fair (February 4-9,2009) in Taipei World Trade Center Exhibition Hall. During this time opportunities for digital content cooperation were explored with publishing companies and the large numbers of people attending the fair were given an understanding of Taiwan’s digital archives and e-learning successes. The program office specially integrated the results websites and digital archives application results of the Industrial Development Board, the Ministry of Education, the Council of Labor Affairs, Corporate Synergy Development Center, Council for Hakka Affairs and the Overseas Compatriot Affairs Commission and planned six main themes, including wisdom, language, learning and culture. This was the first joint exhibition since the National Digital Archives and Taiwan E-learning programs were combined.


   The program office imaginatively created a large exploration ship, filled with TELDAP results, that was the most eye-catching and attractive feature of this year’s book exhibition. Each division project was turned into an island and visitors guided on a hunt for treasure on “cyber island” by wise elders and sailors. The exhibits included quite a few interesting on-line courses and games that attracted the attention of students and parents, with many keen to have a try. During the six days of the exhibition over 12000 members of the public viewed the TELDAP exhibit, acquiring an understanding of the results. Almost 4000 visitors passed through the “themed islands”. The attention of digital publishing and digital contents companies was also attracted and a number of enquiries were made about cooperation, showing that TELDAP is continuing to produce industrial promotion benefits.  

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Overall director of TELDAP Liu Ts'ui-jung gave a speech during the opening ceremony
Science Council Lee Lou-Chuang gave a speech during the opening ceremony
Liu Ts'ui-jung conducted the opening ceremony, followed by unit officials and TELDAP plan directors
Liu Ts'ui-jung introducing TELDAP
An e-board displaying creative e-learning course
A scene from the exhibition
A scene from the exhibition

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