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TELDAP e-Newsletter (December, 2010)
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Top Story
Our sense of hearing is one way we understand the world around us. Sound can also be the key that unlocks a person’s memory or pass on the culture and history of a people; the diverse sounds of nature and sounds around us in our lives are also an audile treasure chest. The Brutish Library has digitized its archival sound recordings and made them available through its website.
News Express
item NTNU President Chang appointed by the National Science Council to serve as TELDAP deputy program director from August 1
item Call For Papers: Edutainment 2011
item Pacific Rim Digital-Content Specialists to Convene in Hong Kong for Annual Pacific Neighborhood Consortium Conference
item NPM Digital Exhibition
Program Tourism
item Yang Yun-ping Papers
item The Taiwan Malacofauna Digital Archive Project From Academia Sinica
item The Map and Remote Sensing Imagery Digital Archive Project From Academia Sinica
Insight Report
item Taking an archive news film about the August 7 flood as the starting point of discussions
Have Your Say
item Keeping cool in summer in black and white
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