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TELDAP e-Newsletter (October, 2010)
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The flourishing of the Internet has made the operation of websites featuring cultural content a focal point for discussion among cultural workers. The Culture Portal Sustainability Workshop, held by the Culturemondo Network Asia-Pacific Secretariat Program under TELDAP’s International Collaboration and Promotion of Taiwan e-Learning and Digital Archives Program, came to a successful conclusion on June 11, 2010; the workshop brought together operators of cultural portals from Australia, Britain, Singapore, and Taiwan in a relaxed atmosphere to consider and discuss strategies for operating websites on cultural subjects.
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item CALL FOR PAPERS:2011 TELDAP International Conference
item Rite Makes Right—Judicial Rituals in Postwar Taiwan
item Memorial Exhibition of Chi Kang
item 2010 Academia Sinica Open House
item Dynastic Renaissance: Art and Culture of the Southern Song
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item Taiwan Collections in the British Museum
item The Era of Chinese Literature Study Crossing Time and Space
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item Dazzling E-Books Shine at COMPUTEX
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item E- Books at the New York Library
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