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TELDAP e-Newsletter (October, 2011)
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Top Story

With the popularity of Apple’s iPhone and iPad and a range of Android products, “app” has become a popular saying overnight. But what is an app? Why all the attraction to apps? And with today’s culture and knowledge, what is possible with apps?

News Express
item Digital Gala-2011 Exhibition of Digital Archives Request-for-Proposals Project
item PNC 2011 Annual Conference and Joint Meetings
item [Call for Posters]Special Issue on Emotional Intelligence for Online Learnin
item [Exhibit Info] Splendid Treasures: A Hundred Masterpieces of the National Palace Museum on Parade
Program Tourism
item Please Do As I Do: Digitization Procedures Guidelines
item Integrated Data Search: “Mozop”
item The August 23 Artillery Battle in Black & White
Insight Report
item The Form, Color, Pattern, and Texture of Aboriginal Culture
item Outflanking and conflict: transformation of the missionary work strategy of Christian missionaries in the Qing Dynasty
Have Your Say
item About dad and collecting memories
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