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TELDAP e-Newsletter (December, 2012)
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Top Story
At the same time as marching onwards, Lin Guo-ping is, at once self-reflective and thoughtful; in taking forwards such an idea and exhibition, after arranging and summarising the knowledge pertaining to the artefacts and conveying it to the audience, is this not a virtual museum? Speaking in a relaxed and humorous tone he commented: “What will the future bring?
News Express
item [2013 TELDAP International Conference] Best Poster Award
item [Exhibit Info] Children's NPM Digital Art Exhibition
item [Exhibit Info] TEA/Collective Wisdom— 2012 International Techno Art Exhibition
item [Conference Info.] 8th International Digital Curation Conference
Program Tourism
item Drifting Happily in between Posters
item The Multiple Possibilities of the Digital Imaging Era
item What Do We Do When It’s All Over?
Insight Report
item The Painting Speaks
item Leaping beyond the Boundaries of Knowledge
Have Your Say
item Travelling through the Pictures: Scenic Taiwan
item The Next Five Years of Civil Media
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