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TELDAP e-Newsletter (October, 2012)
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Top Story
Interview with Professor Hsiang Jieh, Research Center for Digital Humanities, National Taiwan University
News Express
item Call for papers for 2013 TELDAP International Conference
item The Historian's Craft in the 21st Century
item The 3rd Annual National Treasure Merchandise Design Competition: Design Solicitation for the "Artistic Taste of Emperor Qianlong" Begins Now
item [Exhibit Info] Let’s Go To E-School-Annual Exhibition of Teldap
Program Tourism
item Hear the songs of bird online
item Getting to know insects online
item Finding Shells of Digital Information online
Insight Report
item Take personal actions to respond to the call of the ocean
item Crashing Through the Waves: On Life at Sea
Have Your Say
item Swim with the fish online
item Chinese Made Simple
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